Water Runner & Bobby's Elephant Home

Sa wad dee Krub, I'm Bobby, I would like to tell you about my elephant home. At Bobby's Elephant Home we make sure that every one of our elephants are Happy, Healthy and have a better life. Our elephants are rescued from unjust working conditions and taken to Bobby's Elephant Home. The location of our camp was chosen to provide a natural habitat, grasslands, forest and river like home for Elephant.
We are really trying to ensure a better quality of life for the elephants in their natural environment and teach visitors about the importance elephant preservation, basis to interact, feed, we ride bareback on the head or neck of the elephant and bathing the elephants bringing to them peace and joy. We believe that if our visitors see that our elephants are happy, they in turn are happy with their experience. We also take care for our elephant like a family member and we need you are the ones of our family !

The adventure waiting for you to explore is starting here, river cruise by Rafting in the inflatable boat. You will experience the stunning scenery with a rocky and curving shoreline along the Mae Tang River.  Join our professional team for a superb whitewater rafting adventure on the Mae-Tang River. Experience a unique and unforgettable journey through winding gorges, luscious jungles and magnificent terraced rice fields.  Paddle through breathtaking canyon for unparalleled fun on the river.
"Water Runner", as an outdoor adventure company.  We do operate under the principle of ecotourism, sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism.  Our camp with minimal disturbance to nature and do no damage.  We welcome all of you to a unique area, having a fantastic time through the beautiful forest of Chiang mai.  Once in life! We welcome all of you to a unique area, having a fantastic time through the beautiful forest of Chiang mai and get fun with us.  More over as an outdoor adventure company must also be a safety company. Thailand is unique, and its topography and seasonal conditions offer their own challenges and dictate our standards to optimize your safety.  Our staff, be they guides, rescue or instructors have been with us for years and have been recruited from the villages where our activities occur.  They are generational - intimate with the rivers, mountains and jungles of their home.